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When Your Backup Plan Becomes Your Only Plan

Life has a funny way of throwing us curve balls whenever it seems fit.  One day you think your life is going to be one way, and that you know exactly what you want in life.  But then the next minute, you blink, and everything is different.  You have a whole new road map, your compass is pointing in a different direction, and you have absolutely no idea how you are going to get there.  But you realize that it is your biggest dream and you have to do what it takes to get there!

That’s what happened to me a year ago this month…I thought I had everything planned: graduate college with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Rehabilitation and find a job in that career; move in with my boyfriend and live happily ever after as we struggle through adulthood as partners in crime; stay in close contact with all of my college friends; and have all of my ducks in a row…. Well none of that happened. I did graduate with my bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in rehab, but I still have not found my dream job (I’m still figuring out what that is); that boyfriend is now my ex, and haven’t seen anyone really since; and I have no ducks just some drunk and confused squirrels going absolutely crazy.  However, I do have my best friend Sir Huxley (my cat) by my side, but I don’t talk to all of my good friends from college as much as I would like to. But hey life happens, we all go our own ways.


“Okay mom, I’m ready! Let’s go!”

As much as a surprise it has all been for me, I couldn’t be happier.  My dream from high school is finally becoming a reality (slowly, yet surely).   I moved closer to my favorite place ever, New York City, and plan to eventually save up enough pennies to actually live there!  So far moving to “Mini New York City” (as my sister and I like to call it) in the coming couple of months.  [I can’t freaking wait by the way!]  Since moving to a whole new state, I have had to make new friends, and I’ve made some awesome ones at that!  Don’t get me wrong, Bowling For Soup still has life right by saying “High School Never Ends“, but through everything, I know who my real friends are and who are not.


NYC (Thanks Google)

The most unexpected part of my whole uprooting, was getting into two car accidents within 5 months of moving – so, an even bigger curve ball with no car! It didn’t help with my anxiety or my depression and it threw me into a really dark place.  However, with my support system I was able to push through the dark fog I was lost in, and can finally see the sun in the horizon! I’ve started learning the bus system, and figure out other ways to get places (which will be quite helpful in NYC).  As well as, doing everything I can to get back on my on own two feet, with my own apartment, and another job. It sucks, but it is what it is, and I had to suck it up – that’s part of being an adult.

But you know what?  I’m making the best of it and 2017 is going to be a spiffytastick year! And I thank my family and friends and Sir Huxley who have all supported me through everything!  Especially my parents (you guys rock!)

So even though life throws a bunch of curve balls at us, we have to learn how to still hit the ball out of the park!  Because when you have a dream, you have to to go after it!  And adult hood sucks, and can be boring, and lame, and what have you; but if you don’t work for what you want, you are not ever going to get there.  So go pack your suitcase for the dream train – you don’t want to miss it. ;P


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